EUSDR Communication Strategy and Visual Identity

New EUSDR Logo as per November 2020

The new EUSDR logo including the recently established EUSDR slogan “Prosperity through Diversity” is available for download as .jpg and .eps file below! Please be sure to read the logo usage rights at the bottom of the page before using the logo. Also, the EUSDR Pillar logos are available with the new slogan below, as well as updated templates for Power Point presentations and Word documents for each Priority Area.

All EUSDR visual identity rules are available in the EUSDR Brand book. Editable version of the Brand Book (.cdr) is available by request due to its extremely large size.


The EUSDR Communication Strategy, endorsed by EUSDR National Coordinators in November 2020, among other things provides background information on the EUSDR slogan and how it is connected  to the EUSDR vision and mission statement.


The EUSDR Communication Guide is closely linked to the Communication Strategy, as it offers a set of tools and actions for the implementation of the Communication Strategy. It also includes details on the usage of the new EUSDR logo & slogan and a narrative for the EUSDR!


EUSDR narrative

Europe and its regions are in a time of transition. The Danube Region, like other EU macro-regions, faces challenges beyond borders – pollution, climate change, unemployment or lack of connectivity – that affect the lives of over 115 million people.

Strategic areas as connectivity, digital transition, demographic changes or sound and democratic local and regional administrations need to be coordinated across the borders, jointly and with mutual interest to unlock the full potential of the Danube Region.

To this end, the countries in the Danube basin came together and established the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), identifying common needs, challenges and opportunities that can be fully exploited only in cooperation to boost regional cohesion.

All together, we need to protect our nature and people, to build a prosperous region with a healthy environment, equal societies and high living standards. We need to create sustainable jobs and open up fair opportunities – all the way between the Black Forrest and the Black Sea. Environment protection, sustainable transport, faster ITC connectivity, competitiveness of European businesses, security in the region need to be backed by sustainability, supporting circular economy and led by knowledge-based and information society.

Our aim is to make our Danube Region stronger, more resilient and attractive to live in!

EUSDR provides orientation for cooperation by offering an agile and strategic framework: platforms of exchange, guidance and networking, coordination of policies and joint actions far beyond physical and psychological borders.

In the Danube region people work together and jointly define ways to shape joint future, in cooperation, on the ground for the sake of our citizens.



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Map designed by the Danube Region Programme:

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Logo Rights of Use

INTERACT Point Vienna, within the INTERACT Programme 2007-2013, owned the copyrights for the EUSDR logo and in June 2015 transferred these rights to the Danube Strategy Point (DSP). Third parties who wish to make use of the logo may do so free of charge, as long as the conditions laid down below are fulfilled:

  • The use should not be linked to aims, activities or events incompatible with the principles and objectives of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region; under no circumstances may the logo be reproduced for illegal ends which are contrary to public decency.
  • The use should not be linked to commercial purposes; anyone intending to reproduce the logo as part of his/her activities is authorised to do so on condition that such exploitation is free and does not give rise to any value added for which the citizens of Europe may be charged.
  • The user undertakes to respect the visual representation of the logo. No modification is authorised other than these expressly authorised by the DSP, upon request.
  • It is understood that the user shall not acquire and shall not claim any title to the logo which is the subject of this authorisation.
  • The user shall not register or seek to register any trademark or name which contains the logo or which is so similar to the logo as to be likely to cause deception or confusion.
  • Users are not authorised to use the logo in any commercial context which would lead the public to believe that the user or the author benefits from the authorisation of the DSP, the European Commission or any other institution.

The DSP disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, relating to the validity of the logo and the upholding of intellectual property rights or any other third-party rights including, but not limited to, any implied warranty against infringement of third parties’ property rights.


The DSP shall not be liable to the user for any loss or damage whatsoever or however caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with this authorisation.


The DSP shall not be liable to third parties for claims which are based on the user’s use of the logo and result from acts and omissions of the user.


The DSP may, at its own discretion and when it deems appropriate, take any action and procedures necessary against any user who breaches these rules.


The DSP may require the users to terminate the use of this logo immediately without notice if, in its sole judgment, the user has breached any terms or conditions of these rules. Upon termination, the user must destroy all materials related to the authorisation.