EUSDR Thematic Event on Climate Change & Water Management

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Purpose and Objectives of the Conference
The conference is focused on sharing experience and best practices in climate change adaptation emphasizing (green) water retention measures and contributing to better water quality in the Danube Region. Many initiatives labelled as “climate change adaptation” are now emerging in the Danube region countries. This indicates a growing awareness over the last decade on how important the adaptation component has become in numerous sectors of the economy. There are already good stories and first lessons learnt from introduction of novel approaches in water and landscape management. However, there are still a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. The objective of the conference is to contribute to series of discussions among policy and decision makers on what works and what methods are applicable, affordable and feasible in individual situations. Thematically, the conference is also linked with the development of the new Water Policy in Slovakia, which underlines water retention in landscape.

Target Group
Policy and decision makers at government bodies of Danube Region countries, international water related bodies, think tanks entities, NGOs, academic and research sector, land users, water service providers, and practitioners in urban planning.

Date of the event: Monday, 27.9.2021
The event will be organised in hybrid form – online and personal participation. During registration, the participant can choose the form of participation (online/personal).





Sep 27 2021


EUSDR Priority Area 4 | Water Quality

Other Organizers

Slovak EUSDR Presidency
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