Danube Region Network Meeting of Managing Authorities (ERDF+CF)

The preparation phase of the 2021-2027 programming period offers a unique opportunity for all EU programmes to address territorial challenges more strategically, through more coordinated and synergized actions stressing the European added value of funding, and encourage a dialogue between those involved in the programming process and macro-regional strategies.

The relevant draft regulations by the COM recognise the necessity to include macro-regional priorities in the planning and programming documents from the very beginning, and to identify challenges with macro-regional relevance. This embedding exercise requires upgrading the level of coordination among countries, notably among national/regional authorities responsible for ESIF, IPA and NDICI planning and programming.

In the course of the 9th EUSDR Annual Forum, a meeting of EUSDR National Coordinators with managing authorities (MAs) from the Danube Region took place. The meeting aimed to facilitate exchange on EU fund support to the implementation of the EUSDR and initiate networking between national and regional MAs responsible for ESI and IPA/NDICI funds.

Such meetings between managing authorities from the Danube Region could become a permanent tool for coordinating/monitoring the implementation of macro-regional actions (and then projects) included in the operational and national programmes. To streamline the discussion process and to offer as much common focus as possible, several meetings with / of MAs are scheduled: 1. ERDF & CF MAs, 2. Meeting of ESF MA Network, 3. IPA and NDICI MAs.

In January 2021, managing authorities responsible for ERDF & CF funds were kindly invited to a workshop on embedding the EUSDR into EU Funding Programmes. MAs from the Danube Region met for the first time to discuss future possibilities to jointly strengthen the implementation of EUSDR priorities on national level.

EUSDR National Coordinators also discussed activities, tools and next steps of the embedding process at the last NC meeting and at the 3rd EUSDR Embedding Task Force meeting.

To further ensure an effective and smooth embedding process, managing authorities and EUSDR National Coordinators are kindly asked to participate in the following survey.


  • Managing and other Authorities: please relate your answers to the programme(s) you manage/work with
  • EUSDR National Coordinators: please fill out the survey for all ERDF/CF programmes in your country
  • For Interreg programmes, please find the questionnaire here

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Danube Strategy Point (DSP) at office@eusdr-dsp.eu.

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Jan 29 2021


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