Annual Forum

The Second Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), jointly organised between the Government of Romania and the European Commission, will take place at the International Conference Centre/Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, on 28-29 October 2013.

The title of this year’s Forum is “Danube Region – stronger together, stronger in the world“.  Within this framework, it will encourage a debate on how the Strategy is helping to tackle joint challenges and how this is having an influence in striving competitiveness. Download the official Annual Forum programme.

Please find below an overview of the forum as well as of the many side events going on around the forum. You can also download this table in word format and read a more detailed description of the side events here.

The list of side events is made up with the information received from their respective organisers. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and that publication on this website does not imply that they are affiliated with the EUSDR programme or endorsed by the European Commission or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania.

With over 800 registrations, registration for the Annual Forum is now closed.

  Overview of Annual Forum Programme and Side Events


  Sun 27.10 Mon 28.10 Tues 29.10 Wed 30.10 Thrs 31.10 Location
Registration Desk Open  12.00-18.00  08.00-16.00
Lunch  12.30-14.00 International Conference Centre (ICC)
Opening Session  14.00-15.00
Plenary Session 1: “Stronger in the world. The Danube Strategy as driver for growth, jobs and global impact”  15.00-16.00
Coffee Break  16.00-16.30
Plenary Session 2: “Stronger together. The Danube Strategy balancing economy and ecology”  16.30-18.00
Gala Event  19.00-22.00
Keynote speech on the State of the Danube Region & Introduction to the thematic workshops  09.00-09.30
Parallel Thematic Workshops
1.Connected Danube Region
2.Green Danube Region
3.Smart and inclusive Danube Region
4.Effective, attractive and safe Danube Region
Continuous Coffee  all morning
Lunch  12.15-13.30
Workshops wrap-up  13.30-14.00
Plenary Session 3: “Financing the Danube Region”  14.00-15.00
Closing session  15.00-15.45
Side events
Welcome reception of the Council of Danube Regions and Cities  19:00 Haus der Donau
7th European Conference of Danube Cities and Regions  09.00-12.00 ICC, National Museum of Contemporary Art
Workshop on the Danube Innovation Partnership 16.30-19.00 ICC, Balcescu Hall
Presentation of the Regional Initiative: “Building Bridges between Central Asia and Central Europe through Intercultural Dialogue” of the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations (UNAOC) 16.30-17.30 Hotel Ibis Bucuresti
International Conference on horizontal approaches in education and culture in the context of European macro-regional strategies 09.00-17.30 Titu Maiorescu University
3rd Danube Financing Dialogue  13.30-17.45  09.00-12.30 National Bank of Romania
Back-to-back meetings (by invitation only)      
Meeting of the Committee and Executive Office of the Council of Danube Regions and Cities  17.30-19.00 Haus der Donau
Steering Group Meeting of Priority Area 8 ‘Competitiveness’  09.00-12.30 Haus der Donau
Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Danube Region  11.00-13.00 Radisson Blu Hotel
Meeting of the Commissioner for Regional Policy with the National Contact Points and Priority Area Coordinators of the EUSDR  tbc ICC, room tbc
Meeting of the Ministers for Regional Development of the Danube Region  10.00-12.00 Howard Johnson Hotel
Steering Group Meeting of Priority Area 9 ‘People & Skills’  17.00-19.00  09.00-15.30 Ministry of National Education
Steering Group Meeting of Priority Area 3 ‘Culture & Tourism’  09.00-17.00 Haus der Donau

Venue addresses

  • Haus der Donau Bucharest:1-3 Nicolae Iorga Street, District 1, Bucharest – 010431, Romania
    • Howard Johnson Hotel: Calea Dorobantilor 5-7, Sector 1, Bucharest 010551
     International Conference Centre (ICC) / Palace of the Parliament: Strada Izvor 2-4, Bucharest 050563
    • Ministry of National Education: General Berthelot 28-30, Sector 1, Bucharest
    • National Bank of Romania: Lipscani 25, Bucharest 030031 / Entrance: Doamnei 8, Bucharest 023589
    • Radisson Blu Hotel: Calea Victoriei 63-81, Bucharest – 010065
    • Titu Maiorescu University: Calea Vacaresti 189, sector 4, Corp M, 2nd floor, Aula Magna
    • Hotel ibis Bucuresti: Strada Izvor 82-84, Bucharest 050563