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My name is Ana Karina Suditu, and I am a member of the Danube Youth Council from Romania. People who know me describe me as a natural leader, an excellent storyteller, and a charismatic persona. Personally, I consider myself an ambitious visionary who works hard to achieve my goals. I’m 22 years old and studied Arabic at the University of Bucharest for my Bachelor’s degree in foreign languages. Aside from literature, languages, and foreign cultures, I am also interested in communication and youth work, and during my mandate, I would like to concentrate on Priority Area 3. Following my internship with the Romanian government at the General Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation, I decided to devote more time to promoting the importance of young people in macro-regional strategies. I believe that my active participation in the Council is valuable to my personal development, and as a youth, I am confident that we can strengthen our countries cooperation and improve life in the Danube region.