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My name is Alen Šukurica, and I come from Zagreb, Croatia’s largest city and capital. I am currently studying at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. I have been active for the past few years in the Croatian branch of the European Law Students’ Association, as well as in other student organizations. I have always had a commitment to making a positive impact on society, and through my involvement in these organizations, I have advocated for promoting mutual understanding, legal education, social responsibility, and intercultural exchange. As a young person from the Danube region and part of the Danube Youth Council, I am committed to fostering cooperation and collaboration among youth in the region. I believe that by working together, we can tackle common challenges, promote regional integration, and advocate for the interests of our generation. That is why I am excited to be part of the Danube Youth Council through which I hope to contribute to its mission of empowering young people in the region, and sharing ideas and experience with other members of the DYC.