Bled Strategic Forum

Bled Strategic Forum is a global platform for generating ideas and exchanging views on contemporary society and its future. It is committed to creating a sustainable world by offering strategic views and solutions to the most pressing issues of today and tomorrow.

As a platform of inclusivity and diversity it strives to bring together as many different stakeholders as possible and disseminate their views through events, discussions, roundtables, projects, analyses and publications.

Its central annual event – the Bled Strategic Forum international conference – is the leading conference in Central and South-Eastern Europe and is taking place at the end of August in the picturesque Alpine setting of Lake Bled, Slovenia. The conference is a gathering of participants from various fields with diverse knowledge, encouraging them to exchange views and generate ideas to address present and future challenges. In addition, the conference also offers a unique opportunity for tailored meetings and networking with regional and global stakeholders.

The Bled Strategic Forum is an intragovernmental project of the Republic of Slovenia.

More info on the Bled Strategic Forum international conference 2024 will be available here.

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Sep 02 - 03 2024


08:00 - 18:00


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